Dragon wings for dogs

Dragon wings for dogs

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Dragon wings for dogs

Dragon wings for dogs, also known as pet dragon wings, dragon wings and pet dragon wings, are a type of fake dragon wings, made of soft plastic, created to be flown and displayed by dogs for fun. Often made in pairs, these wings allow a dog to fly using energy stored in the wings' elastic material, similar to the way an umbrella is held open using a stick. They are also useful for dogs that have trouble walking due to injury or arthritis. As pets, they are not considered dangerous.


In 1979, a couple from the United States were visiting with friends in England. The couple had read that English women fly kites for their dogs. While at a store that was selling dragon wings, they purchased a pair to try it out for their own dogs. They had no children, so they were the first people to ever use dragon wings for their dog. They used them together as a family on many weekends. In 1979, they founded an international pet-wing company called "Dragon Wings Pet Products." Their first products were dragon wings in different sizes for dogs. The couple patented the dragon wing and registered their own trademark, making them the only authorized manufacturer.

In 1990, the company had created a dragon wing with a metal buckle that was attached to a leash and used to keep the pet wing closed and safe when it was not in use. It had many safety features. Over the next decade, they would produce many other innovations. They expanded and created Dragon Wing Systems, which eventually had over 10 patents. Their first patent was called the Pet Wing and they invented several other pet products like the Dragon Tail, Dragon Clips, Dog Hoist, Canine Carpet, the Canine Carrier and the Pet Carrier.

Dragon Wing products are sold in many different countries around the world including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Japan.


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