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Naughty badger: Siamese cat Elvis prevents women from working

Naughty badger: Siamese cat Elvis prevents women from working

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"How, you want to work? I'm strictly against it! Go play with me!" Says Siamese Elvis in this video. When her mum wants to do some paperwork, the cheeky cat sneaks up to her owner and tries everything to draw attention to herself.

"Bumps, bumps, bumps! Now notice me! Hallooooo!" Velvet paw Elvis is not at all satisfied with the behavior of the mistress. Instead of playing with the funny Siamese cat, Mum prefers to write letters. The velvet paw can of course not tolerate this: when it doesn't have any effect with the nudge, it climbs onto the cat owner's lap - and stays there relaxed.

The little tiger even nibbles at the envelopes and tears the paper into small pieces. Of course, the smartphone and the pen of the animal lover must also be nibbled on. And the plan to get full attention from the lady of the house works: The cuddly cat receives tender strokes.

Siamese cat - an elegant feast for the eyes

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