How to pop a dog's leg back in place

How to pop a dog's leg back in place

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How to pop a dog's leg back in place after a sprain?

by: ron mclemore-

dog training forum

Jun 26, 2008

I was watching my neighbor's Labrador retriever the other day. The dog was being playful and jumping on a bed. Suddenly she was looking at the floor with her front legs out and her back legs tucked up. I immediately thought that she must have had a sprain.

The sprain seemed to be in her knee. When I asked the woman what had happened, she said that she stepped on a piece of glass. This seemed quite serious because this was the first time it happened to her.

The dog was then in a kennel and she could not use her back legs or walk properly. She was also quite lame. I took her out and put her on leash and we brought her inside my house. She would not walk right and was trying to get on all fours.

Her back left leg looked extremely swollen, and I also noticed a small swelling in her front right leg. This swelling was much bigger than what I'd seen from a sprain.

I took her out and put her on leash and we brought her back to the house. I started walking her and this time she did fine. She was running away from me (in fact, she was running away with the leash in her mouth!), but at least she could walk without any problem.

I took her inside and put her on a mat. I gave her some dry kibble. The woman also gave her some painkiller pills.

When I left, the woman gave me a big piece of bread, some butter and a slice of cheese. She also offered me a dog food with a list of ingredients. I was surprised, because it was expensive, but she said she couldn't find any commercial food that had the same ingredients as the food she had bought from the grocery store.

When I got home, I put some fresh water in a bowl. After about 20 minutes, I found a dead dog under the house. The house was small (2 rooms and a loft) and I thought that maybe the dog had died inside and she couldn't get out. However, I couldn't imagine how she could have gotten outside because the door was closed. I checked all over the house for any sign of struggle and I also checked under the house. There was no sign of struggle and no sign of dogs running around.

The following morning, the woman said that her dog died in the night. I was shocked. The only conclusion I could think of is that the dog had a disease and was too weak to walk or run. I checked with my vet, and he said that the symptoms seemed to fit for rabies. I had no idea. The dog did not seem to be aggressive to any of us and it had been less than a week since I took her home.

I also realized that I would need to tell the woman that I might have to give her dog to a kennel. She said that she had never had to take her dog to a kennel and she really did not want to do that. She only wanted to keep it, but she would prefer to give it to someone who would take good care of it and even give it a name. I agreed and asked if I could help her look for someone who could take care of the dog, because she did not know a lot about dog care. I told her about my family and how we have three dogs and that we really love dogs.

The woman and I agreed that she would keep the dog until I had a chance to come by and get it. Then, she could give it to whoever she liked best.

The man who adopted my dog, Mike, was working at the hospital where I work, and he would love it if my dog was still there. So, he and I went to the hospital and I got the dog. I drove it home and it took about 30 minutes to get to my house. It had to be an overnight ride.

Since I had no one to take care of the dog, I let him have a bath and clean up the house. When I got home, I made a nice dinner for him and his new owner. I figured that the dog would be hungry, and I made sure that it had plenty of food.

Then, I decided to check on it while it ate. I went upstairs to the bedroom and saw that it was in the same spot it had been sleeping when I had found it. I walked down the hall and found the dog sitting at the end of the couch, just as I had left it.

When I returned to the kitchen, the woman and Mike were in the kitchen together. The woman told me how she had gotten the dog. She said that she went to the shelter to try to find out if any puppies had been born there. She mentioned that she had looked through the window, but she had not seen any puppies.

That had never happened to me before, and I couldn’t believe it. I checked the room and saw no sign of a litter. I thought that maybe she was just dreaming that she saw it. It was possible, but it was unlikely that she had seen a litter in the shelter in only a day or two. I told her so, and I wondered if she was just trying to get my dog back.

She said that she was sorry, but that she had been there before, and she was not going to miss again. She told Mike and I that she was planning to go home tomorrow. We had no idea where she was going, and I asked her why she was going to leave the dog. She told me that she could not have her dog and no one could take her back home. We knew that her parents had just died, and we could not just come and take the dog back.

She kept repeating that she was going to leave, but when Mike and I asked her to stay, she said that she could not stay because she had to go back home. I did not understand that. I had just met her.

She said that her name was Cindy, but when I asked her to spell it, she spelled her name in a different way. She had given her friends in the shelter two fake names that had letters missing.

I offered to call the shelter for her, but she said she would get another dog.

Before I went back to sleep, I told Mike that I was not sure what had happened, but that I thought that we had gotten a dog from the shelter. I just could not believe it.

I told him that we had a lot of money. I had just gotten a raise, and I told him that we could buy a new truck and a nice house. I was not ready to buy a house because I had just moved to a new neighborhood and I was not sure what kind of neighbors I would have. I told Mike that we could buy a house and I told him that we had all of the money.

He wanted to know if we could just take the money from the insurance policy. I told him that we did not have that much money, but we could ask if it was a good policy. He just did not want to ask her parents because he thought they were dead. I wanted to know if they were alive, and he told me that they were. I just did not believe him.

He told me that he had wanted to call the police, but that he had not done so because he thought that it would make us look like bad parents. I told him that it could make them look like bad parents.

He told me that he did

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