English bulldog catches the ball ... almost!

English bulldog catches the ball ... almost!

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Plump, roll, panting: In this video, the English Bulldog learns how to catch a tennis ball. But the brown dog didn't quite understand what to do with the yellow toy. Instead of picking up the object with its snout and bringing it back to its owner, he prefers to roll over it or leave it there.

At first, the exercise looks promising: Bulldog Humphrey happily flies after the tennis ball. But what is suddenly going on with the four-legged friend? When trying to stop the object with the head, the dog rolls forward and drops onto the back. "Hmm, I have to practice that again!", The clumsy dog ​​thinks and storms after the ball again. But the next "Snap the Toy" rounds show that Humphrey is more of a rolling professional and prefers to roll on the floor. Funny guy!

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