Aggressive behavior in dogs: possible causes

Aggressive behavior in dogs: possible causes

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Aggressive behavior in dogs can target people, other dogs, or even things. The causes of aggression can be very different. Difficult to handle: An aggressive dog - Image: Shutterstock / saasemen

Aggressive behavior is usually not innate. It almost always has to do with the wrong upbringing: The owners have been too careless, too hard or too inconsistent with their pets in various places and have thus instilled behavior. But other causes are also possible.

Uncertainty and fear as the cause of aggression

Insecurity and fear can lead to a four-legged friend reacting angrily and angrily in certain situations. These fears often result from the upbringing or arise from the insecurity of the dog owner. If the animal does not feel safe at the side of its owner, it can begin to behave atypically when playing, small wrangling and other encounters with dogs.

A fur nose can of course also acquire fear of dogs, people or certain things through bad experiences. Anyone who has adopted a dog from a shelter or from abroad often does not know what his four-legged friend has experienced and what is the cause of his fear and therefore aggressive behavior.

Waking and protective instinct or illness

A strong guard and guard drive can also lead to a dog becoming aggressive. This danger is particularly important if dog training and socialization have not been worked on. The four-legged friend thinks that he has to protect his owner in certain situations and takes the upper hand - this can be very dangerous.

In addition, illness or pain can cause aggression in the dog. This is particularly likely to happen if the dog growls or bites as soon as it is touched at a certain point. In this case, be sure to go to the vet.

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Wrong housing conditions or wrong feed

Bad housing conditions can also lead to aggression. Too little workload, attention or exercise ensure that the animal is simply not doing well, which can be expressed in negative behavior. In addition to physical activity, mental stress is also crucial for a four-legged friend to be balanced. You can find tips on this topic in the guide: "Employing dogs: ten tips against boredom".

Wrong food can also increase the risk of aggressive behavior in dogs. If dogs are given energy-rich feed, for example with an excess of protein, this can lead to an overload of the liver. The excess energy may then be lived out through aggression. In any case, you should go to the veterinarian with your fur nose if he suddenly shows aggressive behavior.

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