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Dog buried in the garden: is this allowed?

Dog buried in the garden: is this allowed?

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Can I bury the deceased dog in the garden? Is this allowed by law and what do neighbors and landlords say about it? When the beloved four-legged friend dies, pet owners ask themselves many such questions. Once the legal aspect has been clarified, you can say goodbye with dignity.

In theory, the rendering plant is responsible for the disposal of animal carcasses. But who would like to "dispose" of their four-legged friend? Most people wouldn't put your dead grandmother in the trash either. So when the passage over the rainbow comes up, the question arises how best to say goodbye and where Bello can find his last rest. In a time of mourning, it is often difficult to deal with rules and laws. You can read here what possibilities there are, what is allowed and what is not. Then you are prepared in an emergency.

Burying a dog in your own garden: That is allowed

Burying your faithful companion in the garden is something personal and a dignified way of saying goodbye. The legislature has no fundamental objections to pet burials on private property. If you have your own house with a garden, you do not have to ask anyone for permission. In most cases, it is therefore easy to say goodbye to your dog in its former sniffing territory. Only in a few exceptional cases are you not allowed to bury your dog in the garden - see below "Bury your dog in the garden: this is prohibited".

If you want to bury your dead companion in your home garden, you have to follow a few guidelines: The grave should not be located directly on public paths. A distance of one to two meters is appropriate. If you do not get on well with your neighbors, you should keep this distance at the property boundary to save yourself the hassle of discussions. The grave should also be at least 50 centimeters deep. Otherwise, other animals may try to dig up the dead body.

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Bury the dog in the garden as a tenant

If you live for rent and want to bury the dog in the garden, you should coordinate this with your landlord to avoid disputes. In an apartment building, you should also include the other tenants. Most landlords perceive an urn burial in the garden as unproblematic, since the ashes quickly decompose in an appropriate organic container and become part of the soil. The extent to which you can set up a small mourning site also depends on how landlords and co-tenants stand in the garden for the pet funeral. For allotment gardens, please contact your allotment garden association with your request.

Bury dog ​​in the garden: this is prohibited

Animal burials in public parks or forest areas are generally prohibited.

Water protection regulations must also be observed: If your garden is in an area for drinking water supply or in a nature reserve, burial is not permitted - regardless of whether you own the property or live for rent. Violations of this prohibition can cost up to 50,000 euros.

Caution with notifiable illness as reason for death

If an animal has died from a notifiable disease, it must not be buried in the ground. This precautionary measure is intended to prevent the pathogens from spreading further. Be sure to observe this prohibition, otherwise more owners and mistresses may have to mourn your favorites. Notifiable diseases include, for example, tuberculosis and toxoplasmosis. A complete list can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

For completeness, it should be mentioned that it is not allowed to dispose of a dead dog on the compost or in the garbage can. Legislation allows this form of "burial" for small animals such as hamsters or budgerigars, but not for larger animals.

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Plan the funeral in the garden in time

Sometimes it happens spontaneously, but often the end of the sniffing nose announces itself. Think early enough about where you want to put your old friend for his last trip. Nothing is worse than wandering across the property with a spade in your hand at the moment of the greatest grief. If the farewell is certain and the appointment with the veterinarian has been set, then overcome yourself and prepare the grave. It doesn't bother your dog.

When burying the dog in the garden, it's best to wrap it in a cotton sheet, not in a plastic fiber or plastic wrap that will rot very slowly. A heavy slab or a large natural stone as a grave symbol makes sense and also marks the spot. Since it is a natural process that the grave will sag after some time, it is better to pile a small mound of earth over it from the start. Then you can say goodbye to your four-legged friend without incident.

Alternatives to burial in the garden

Not everyone can or wants to bury their dog in the garden. If you need a place of mourning, then you are well advised with an animal cemetery. If you have your darling cremated, you can take the urn home and keep it in a place of honor. In America there is even a company that extracts synthetic diamonds from the ashes of the deceased.

Still other people do not want to part and let your darling get groomed. You will surely find the variant with which you feel most comfortable. If you cannot take care of an eternal resting place at all, it is also possible to leave your dog with the veterinarian after the end of his life, who will then take care of everything else. Your pet's final route then goes to the animal carcass disposal agency.


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