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Maltese care made easy: four accessories

Maltese care made easy: four accessories

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The Malteser is a friendly, small family dog ​​whose care is not particularly demanding: lots of love, a balanced feed, nice walks and regular grooming make the robust, lively four-legged friend happy. Maltese care made easy: Four accessories - Image: Shutterstock / ueuaphoto

1. Shiny fur and healthy teeth: dry food for Maltese

With a small dog like the Maltese, it is very important to ensure a balanced, healthy diet. A feed specially tailored to the needs of Maltese can help. The main thing is that you pay attention to a healthy level of things, because overweight is poison for the bone structure and especially for the kneecaps of the little four-legged friend.

2. A brush for the small, long-haired dog

The Maltese should be brushed regularly so that its beautiful long fur does not become matted. It is best to take your time several times a week - since the lovable four-legged friend has no lower skin, a brush with long, rounded bristles is usually sufficient, with which you can reach the fur up to the hairline and optimally prevent matting. In addition, a comb and a cloth help to gently clean the eye area.

3. Useful for discoloration: dog shampoo for white fur

From time to time it cannot be avoided: the four-legged friend has to be washed and a dog shampoo that cares for and cleans his fur has to be found. With the pure white fur of the Maltese it can happen that there is discoloration due to dirt - a dog shampoo for dogs with white or light fur helps you to get it clean again.

4. Get to know the breed better: Guide for Maltese owners

Every dog ​​is different, but of course every dog ​​breed has its own peculiarities, which it is important to know. How much space and space does a Maltese need, under which conditions does he feel most comfortable, and how did this beautiful breed actually come about? A guide specifically about this breed of dog will help you.

Small, sweet Maltese: family dog ​​with character

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