Canicross equipment: pulling harness, leash and Co.

Canicross equipment: pulling harness, leash and Co.

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Canicross is an ideal way to really exercise yourself and your dog. The right canicross equipment is essential for the sport, which is not yet very well known in Germany. At least the three elements are required: Canicross harness, waist belt and leash. Read more here. Canicross is a fast-paced sport for dogs and humans - the right equipment is essential - Shutterstock / Raquel Pedrosa

Canicross is still relatively young - the first events took place in the 1980s. This type of jogging with the dog lets the four-legged friend pull the mistress or master running after him. The four-legged and two-legged are connected by a leash, which is attached to the front of a dog's harness and to the back of a human's waist belt.

Canicross equipment: canicross harness, waist belt, leash

The Canicross harness for your fur nose is comparable to a sled dog harness. The dog harness is designed in such a way that the lungs of the dog are subjected to as little stress as possible while walking or in such a way that no pressure is exerted on the lungs. The human part wears a waist belt on which the leash can be attached or hooked in front, similar to a climbing harness.

The special waist belt allows you to have your arms and hands free and run undisturbed. The leash that connects humans and animals is also important; it should have a shock absorber and be at least two meters long. You can find the right Canicross equipment in specialist shops and on the Internet on relevant portals.

Canicross: The special jogging with the dog

Are you also wondering how you can jog faster? Quite simply: let your dog ...

Other equipment for Canicross

In addition to the basic canicross equipment with canicross harness, waist belt and dog leash with shock absorber, you should always have a little water for you and your dog with you for a run. The sport is quite exhausting and both humans and dogs should be able to drink enough fluids.

In terms of equipment, you need what you would otherwise wear when jogging. In addition to the waist belt, wear running shoes or even better trail shoes and running clothes. You can get an insight into canicross sport and canicross equipment in this video:

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