Japanese cat flat share meets fluffy strangers

Japanese cat flat share meets fluffy strangers

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The Japanese cat flat share around Osamu, Momo, Mü and Co. will appear to be enriched by another member. This time, however, the fluffy newcomer does not come on velvet paws, but on plushy-sweet Tapse paws - and a cold muzzle.

It is an enchanting little dog puppy that has apparently moved into the cat's shared apartment, which now has 14 kitties. In the video, however, the cats are still behind a glass door in their retreat, while the golden-yellow fluffy puppy frolics in the hallway.

After all, everyone has to get to know each other step by step. The cats and the small dog watch and sniff through the glass door very curiously and find the encounter incredibly exciting.

The next video was created about a month later and the mini-woof is now allowed to approach the cats without a barrier. Only tabby cat Lulu dares to get closer to the fluffy newcomer at least at times. But shortly thereafter, she is no longer quite comfortable and she hisses at the little dog.

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