Dog anxiety at night

Dog anxiety at night

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Dog anxiety at night

I live in an apartment with a balcony. I've been noticing a dog in my backyard for a couple weeks. It's very dark in my back yard because my neighbors built a fence with mesh, but this dog (I think it's a Doxie) has come out and been on the balcony at night and barked. I don't have a dog at home right now because my landlord didn't want them there, but when he was living here he got dogs to protect him. I have neighbors who complain about the barking, but I don't believe they have any control over it. The dog just sits there and barks at the neighbors through the screen on the balcony, but when it's dark I can't see it.

I'm thinking of calling Animal Control and putting up a sign warning the neighbors to not open the door at night. Is this something I should do? Are there better ways to handle it?

It sounds like you need to talk to your landlord. Dogs in apartments are not permitted. Talk to him or her, they should be able to give you a simple, 'No dogs' answer. If you don't like that answer, the next step is to talk to your neighbors and get them on your side.

That is not a simple answer. If the dog is not barking or doing anything to harm you, I don't think you need to do anything. However, if the dog is doing something to harm you or someone else, you need to let the landlord know.

The Doxie looks like a nice dog, and it is a cute name. I am not a dog person, so I can't comment on your neighbors not liking the barking. But, you do need to talk to the landlord.

I agree with kittygirl...if it's not a nuisance, then you do not need to worry about it. If it is, then you have the right to take steps to keep it from becoming a nuisance. And I assume the dog is not bothering you or your which case, it would be wrong to take action against it.

I think your apartment is a little big for the dog (and too small for people, since it's an apartment), but I can't really see any danger to you or your neighbors. And what's the harm to the dog if you let it stay on the balcony when it's dark?

Sounds like a great location for a balcony dog and I can certainly understand wanting to let it live there. I don't see how you could get Animal Control involved if the dog isn't bothering anyone or making noise to keep it away.

If it is a nuisance it's their responsibility. If it is their problem they will take care of it.

It's an apartment - no one should be living in a dog free zone. If you have a dog but its not allowed, its not allowed.

This isn't a dog free zone, this is an apartment where people are allowed to have a dog. You are in the right to be annoyed if your neighbors have a dog in an area where you're allowed to have one. So you have the right to ask the owner to stop the dog from being there.

And the owner will hopefully be willing to do that, even if it means they have to keep their dog on a short leash at night. You're not a jerk for that. You're just standing up for yourself and your right to be annoyed. If you weren't going to move or anything and you knew you would be moving again in a couple of months, you could call your landlord at that time and ask him/her to ask the owners to move it out of the area or something.

However, if you know you're moving again soon, then I don't think you have the right to tell the owner how to deal with their dog. I know you're not going to like this, but I don't think you can use the neighbor's dog as a justification for your complaint. You could say something like, "I'm calling Animal Control because the dog keeps barking. Do you want to take care of that?" That would probably just make them mad, because it's still not your dog and it's not your issue.

If you find that the dog is too much of a nuisance, you could just move out and make sure your landlord doesn't let it back in.

That's true. As a landlord myself, I can see the other person's side of things. My husband is not a dog person, but we do have a dog in the apartment. I like to see people that don't have a dog living with it, but it's his choice. That's why we have a dog. It makes our place more of a home, even if it isn't a "dog person's" place.

I am going to have to go with kittygirl on this one. It is not unreasonable to think the dog is a nuisance and to want to put it away, but if the owners are not a nuisance to you, the neighbors or anyone else, you should not be forced to live with them.

If you do find that the dog is a nuisance, you can take care of it yourself. However, since the dog is not biting you or anything else, it is not your problem to deal with, and you can't make the neighbor deal with it either. It is the owner's responsibility.

In any case, I do not think there is anything wrong with asking the owner to stop the dog from being on the balcony. You are in a safe place where there are no children, and even if it is dark, they can still see the dog. The dog is in the wrong place.

If you can see it, they can too. It's a safe space.

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That's true. As a landlord myself, I can see the other person's side of things. My husband is not a dog person

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