Dog breeders in nebraska

Dog breeders in nebraska

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Dog breeders in nebraska

And she said in the same way it took three dogs for us to have this much of a problem. And she said: I'm going to get them. And they were gone. So we went out and we bought three dogs. And they took care of the problem. And we just bought more dogs. I'm glad the situation is solved. But it does make you think about things. And it does make you think about who is there to help you out. So that's what makes me glad the situation was resolved. (Interview, age 45)

One man noted that the three dogs provided protection from his abusive ex-girlfriend, but did not end their abuse. When the ex's dog was attacked by the pit bull, he felt he could not protect the dogs, and the dogs were removed from the home.

The same man felt guilty about not being able to keep his own dogs because of his daughter's need for the protection of dogs. The dogs were killed shortly after the move-in of the daughter. He said that when it was time to take the dogs away, he felt a great deal of pain in his chest.

Two other dog owners said they never had a relationship problem with their dogs, but both noted that their dogs would sometimes attack without provocation, and that the dogs' bites were not as deep as the man's ex's bite. Both dogs were killed. The women who owned the dogs had no other dogs, and the owner of the dogs had no history of dog ownership.

The woman who owned the dogs described the relationship of her dogs to her ex-husband as being very close. Her ex-husband had several prior relationships, but her ex-husband also owned two dogs. Her ex-husband would leave the dogs in her care while he was out of town. While he was away, the woman said that her ex-husband would sometimes return home to find one or more of the dogs had been bitten or killed. She said she thought that the dogs were more likely to attack her ex-husband than her. She thought that the dogs would attack a stranger more than they attacked her.

Another woman noted that she had two dogs, but had never had a problem with them. She said that her two dogs would sometimes have a "mood," and that her husband, who owned two dogs, had a different temperament than she did. When the two dogs got into a fight, the dogs would usually stop as soon as they started to fight. But the woman also noted that the two dogs would sometimes growl, show their teeth, and sometimes attack. The woman thought the reason for the difference in behavior between her dogs and her ex-husband's dogs was that she and her ex-husband, and their dogs, were "family," whereas her ex-husband and his dogs were strangers.

One woman had a problem with her ex-husband's dog that lasted several months. She said that the dog had bitten her repeatedly and that the dog had once attacked her and bitten her hand, causing a serious injury. The woman said she told her ex-husband about the problem, but she felt he didn't take it seriously. Her ex-husband's dog was also attacked by another dog, and the man put the dogs down after the attack. The woman did not feel that her ex-husband could have prevented the dog attack and she had never known any dog owners to kill a dog because of another dog's behavior. She also said that she was aware of other people who had killed dogs over issues of temperament.

A man noted that his ex-wife's dog was often loose in the home while his ex-wife was not home. His ex-wife did not take the problem seriously, and he thought his ex-wife knew that the dog was not dangerous. After the dog bit him in the hand and was put down, he thought it was because the dog was afraid of something. He had had several other dog owners say that they would have killed their dog if they had known that the dog was responsible for another dog's attack.

A woman said that her ex-boyfriend's dog had bitten her hand, and that she had asked the man to get rid of the dog, but that the man had refused. Her ex-boyfriend had another dog as well. She said that she would have felt that her ex-boyfriend could have gotten rid of the dog, but it is possible that her ex-boyfriend would not have known that the dog had bitten her.

A man whose ex-girlfriend had attacked his dog said that the dog's temperament was not a problem. He thought that the man's ex-girlfriend had problems of her own and that the dog bite was the last straw.

Three dog owners said they would have gotten rid of their dogs if they had known that their dogs were the cause of an attack.

A woman whose ex-boyfriend was bitten on the buttocks by the ex's dog thought that she and her ex-boyfriend had been going through a bad time. She thought her ex-boyfriend had been abusive and she had said many bad things about him to his face and behind his back. She also said that she had been in a "dark place," and she had been very stressed out, emotionally and physically. The man's ex-girlfriend had two dogs, a pit bull and a Doberman. She said that she did not have a problem with the Doberman, but she said that the pit bull was a "problem." She said that she did not feel that she could have done anything to keep the dogs from attacking her ex-boyfriend. She had had two dogs bite her before, and she had felt the problem was that they were afraid of other dogs. She said that she would not have had any problems with her ex-boyfriend's dogs if she had known that her ex-boyfriend was getting ready to bite someone.

Another woman noted that her ex-boyfriend had a relationship problem with his own dog. She said she had told her ex-boyfriend that his dog was mean and that he should not let the dog out in the neighborhood. She said that she had talked to

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