Tudor house luxury dog boarding

Tudor house luxury dog boarding

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Tudor house luxury dog boarding

Wake up each morning with a beautiful view of nature or with a nice treat in your bowl.

Tudor house luxury dog boarding

In addition, the house also has a heated pool, and the kitchen has plenty of dishes, pots, pans and other cooking and eating equipment. A fully equipped guest bathroom is also avlable. For any questions, or to make a reservation, contact us at 1-844-937-6546.

The Tudor house also is the perfect place for short stays or for extended stays. The house is located close to beautiful downtown St. Louis. St. Louis is a city that is full of fun and adventure. St. Louis is a great place to visit and to stay for several days, but if you just want to be pampered and have a place to relax at night, this is the house for you. If you want to get away from your home or your busy life and just spend some time in nature, relax, and be pampered, this is the place.


Dogs love the Tudor house because of the beautiful gardens and the pool. We have plenty of toys, bones, fresh fruit and veggies, and a large dog bed in our guest rooms.


The Tudor house has one king size bedroom and one queen size bedroom. Each bedroom is in the original section of the home, so you will be able to see the natural light from both the bedrooms.


The Tudor house has a large TV in each bedroom. The living room also has a large screen TV that will be able to pull in channels that are avlable. The Tudor house has a huge DVD player with movies. If you want to bring your favorite book, DVD or TV show, you can do that as well.

Dogs love to spend time in the beautiful outdoor pool or in the heated pool.

There are also large gardens with a pool, waterfall and pool slide.

Garden with pool

Guests can swim, fish and play in the pool. We also have a kiddie pool that is also a lot of fun.

Fees &, Taxes

Pet Fee:

$100.00 per dog.

Cats are allowed in the house as well, but they must be kept indoors. Cats can be kept in their own rooms.

$100.00 per cat.

Other Fees:

$125.00 per pet

$12.00 per day

Cleaning Fee:

$50.00 per cleaning.

Cleaning the house is done once a week.

$75.00 per house.

All pets must be kept indoors.

All guests must be housebroken.

No smoking.

Included in our prices are:

We will take care of your dog or cat from the moment he or she arrives at the house until they return to you.

A complimentary bowl of fresh fruit or vegetable will be delivered to you every morning and a bowl of water with a fresh bowl of water for your dog or cat each day.

We will feed your dog or cat from time to time during your stay.

We will walk your dog or cat for you three times each day.

Your dog or cat will be treated like our own family and will be treated with the same care, attention, and affection as our own.

You will receive pictures and updates on your dog or cat’s progress while you are away.

You will receive weekly updates on how your dog or cat is doing, including pictures and videos, if we can share them with you.

Cleaning Fees:

$100.00 per cleaning.

$50.00 per house.

Cats can stay for up to 2 weeks, but we can only take in cats that have been properly housebroken. Cats that have not been properly housebroken cannot stay longer than two weeks.

The Tudor house has a pool. Guests should note that the pool is a “private pool”, so only one guest is allowed in the pool at a time. Please be respectful of our neighbors.

No smoking is allowed inside the house.

Guests may bring up to four (4) guests with them on their trip. If you need additional accommodations for the four (4) guests, you will need to reserve them in advance.

Guests may be able to pick up their keys at the front desk or at the house manager’s home.

When your guests are ready to leave, they will need to sign out at the front desk or at the house manager’s home. Guests are responsible for leaving the house in good condition. If the house is not returned in the same condition it was when your guests arrived, the owner of the house will charge you a cleaning fee. The cleaning fee will be $100.00 per cleaning, and the cleaning fee will be deducted from the amount you owe us.

Guests who fl to leave the house in the same condition as it was when they arrived, or who do not return their keys at the front desk, will forfeit their deposit and their reservation will be voided.

The Tudor house does not allow smoking, but the front door and all gates are left open, so guests may enter or exit the house at any time.

You will not receive any dly, weekly, or monthly statements. Instead, we will collect the total due in one or two payments.

Payments must be made by a valid method of payment.


If your reservation is canceled or refunded less than 48 hours before your arrival date, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged.

If your reservation is canceled or refunded less than 24 hours before your arrival date, a $100.00 cancellation fee will be charged.

If your reservation is canceled or refunded less than 8 hours before your arrival date, no fee will be charged.


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