My dog ate a skittle

My dog ate a skittle

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My dog ate a skittle and I'm not laughing

After being sick and tired of my dog chewing up my skittles and my family’s skittles, I took matters into my own hands and came up with an invention that I will present to you. It’s called the Dogo Burrito!

Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the dog o’burro or dog burrito. Well, this is my own dog burrito, made just for my own family. I’m gonna present you with a photo tutorial on how I created this creation, followed by a few thoughts and ideas as to how I’ve gotten around the problem.

When I got my first dog, he was a Lab/Retriever mix. I had never been a dog owner before. I had a few cats that I kept as pets but I didn’t have a dog before I got this boy. He was one of my first experiences with animal parenting. His name was Max. He was cute, I loved him and he loved me right back. We were best buds, always together, a duo.

There’s only one problem, Max was a chewer. I have never had a dog in my entire life that I didn’t end up with something chewed up or on me. Max, along with many other dogs that I have owned (and a few cats, of course) would always eat or chew anything in his reach. It wasn’t a big deal, I just got used to it. But there came a day when his behavior changed. He started eating or chewing on more things than he was used to.

First of all, he would eat whatever I fed him. Whether it was grass or a bag of dog food, he would eat it all. Now, I know it’s not an uncommon problem and I would’ve probably had it too if I had a dog, but it was the first time in my entire life that I realized my dog was starting to become something more than a dog. I had to find a solution to this problem.

I knew I couldn’t leave the house without thinking about what happened to his food and how it was eaten. I couldn’t leave the house without thinking about this, it was becoming something more than a dog problem. It wasn’t just food that he would eat, it was everything. He would chew up the pillows, my shoes, anything he could get his hands on. It was so bad that I even caught him chewing the couch.

It was becoming a problem.

That night I came home and found a bag of my husband’s shoes, chewed on by my dog. I was not happy. I decided then and there that I would make sure that this never happened agn. My first stop was Pinterest. I scrolled through a few different boards and found this one:

It was perfect! The idea was genius and would not only solve my problem, but solve his problem as well. It was the perfect idea and I could use it.

But before I could, I had to make it. I began by going to my kitchen and going on a mission. I found a large bowl, two plastic cups (one large and one small), a plastic bag (large and small), a piece of tape, a small cutting knife, two pieces of tape, scissors, a bowl, and a roll of duct tape. I got all of this stuff and came back to the bedroom.

My plan was to put the bowls together. I would take the large bowl and cut the top part off, where you see the blue part. I would then glue the plastic cups to the bottom of the bowl, making sure to have them facing in, and then I would take the plastic bag and cut it in half. Next, I would tape the plastic bag inside of the large plastic bowl. I would put duct tape over the opening of the bowl, where the plastic bag was taped, and then cover that area with duct tape, creating the bottom part of the bowl.

Once the two bowls were taped together, I would tape the top part of the small plastic bowl to the bottom part of the large plastic bowl, covering the plastic bag.

Once I had everything ready, I had to do something to my dog. I grabbed a cup of water and took him into the living room. When I sat him down, I grabbed a towel and placed it over his head. I then poured the cup of water into the large plastic bowl. I taped the bowl into place on top of the small plastic bowl, and covered it with duct tape.

He didn’t like it. I could tell by his facial expression. He started barking and growling. I had to figure out a better way to get him used to this.

So I grabbed some

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