These cat breeds are suitable for children

Children and pets are often a good team. With the cat breeds there are also those who prefer it to be a little quieter. Here you can find out which velvet paws children like to have around them. Ragdolls are among the ideal cat breeds for children - Image: Shutterstock / gurinaleksandr

Anyone who has children would do well to get a lively, playful room tiger that is relatively robust. There are a few cat breeds that are happy to be accompanied by playmates. A good choice here is the Ragdoll cat. The family-friendly velvet paw originally comes from the USA and is a real feast for the eyes with its long, silky fur. She has a very balanced character, likes to play and therefore likes to have fellow species, children or even dogs around her. The main thing is that the Ragdoll is not boring.

Tips: tiger and children

The beautiful Siamese cat also feels at home in a large household. She is very people-related and needs a real caregiver. Your play instinct is also very pronounced. Regular employment and activity are therefore essential for this bundle of energy.

If you are looking for a friendly family cat, you might find it in the Siberian cat. The beautiful long-haired velvet paw is very sociable and intelligent. A loving social environment is the most important thing for them. She sees children as exciting playmates. Regular cuddle hours are also on her wish list.

Cats and children: a nice team

Family friendly cat breeds

The Somali cat belongs to the cat breeds with wild temperament. Ideally, the "Mini-Puma" has free access - a small apartment does not offer enough space for the urge to move. The best thing is of course playing with someone outside. A second cat or children as a company are a highlight for them.