French bulldog puppies on adventures

French bulldog puppies on adventures

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French bulldogs are popular dogs - and how cute their puppies are! In this video, the three-week-old Chauncey and Coco puppies experience a (very small) adventure and are almost too cute to be true!

While Klein-Chauncey is still asleep, Coco is a bit bored and ready to discover the world. He takes a close look at the surroundings with his cute puppy eyes, but nothing is going on except for the television. As long as Mama Moxie is around, he doesn't dare to leave his safe place on the sofa, but when she is taken out for a walk during the commercial break, Coco decides to go out and conquer the world.

He gets dangerously close to the edge of the sofa - but just when you are afraid that he will venture too far, his Papa Angus becomes aware of the little runaway. He runs quickly and comes just in time to stop the little four-legged friend from trying to escape. But of course no one can be angry with him as sweet as Klein-Coco!

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