German shepherd: tips for training

A German Shepherd is a great, lovable dog if he has had a good upbringing. For these you need three things above all: understanding the dog, loving consistency and patience. The basics of education are taken over by the dog mom - Image: Shutterstock / Hysteria

When a German Shepherd moves in with you, you start to train from the beginning. Start with your puppy where his dog mother left off: With you, your little four-legged friend should get to know everything that may be new for him, but which he will often meet later in his environment. Full socialization is the first step towards a good upbringing.

Raising a German Shepherd: What Should Your Dog Learn?

From the start, think carefully about what you want to teach your dog so that he has a clearly structured guide and it is easy for him to understand you. You will achieve little with him if you constantly scold and punish your dog. Better work with praise and positive reinforcement, because a German Shepherd is very receptive to that. Show your dog lovingly and consistently what it is allowed to do and what it is not: It is very clever and docile and will be happy to adhere to it.

No misunderstandings in the ranking

With a large and intelligent dog like this, there should never be any misunderstandings about the ranking. The four-legged friend should always know (of course without violence) that you are the boss and that you make the decisions. The good thing is that the German Shepherd likes to be guided by his owner and tries to please him when he is aware of his responsible task.

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If you are a novice in the field of dog training, or just want to exchange ideas with other dog owners, it makes sense to go to a good dog school with your dog. There the basic concepts of dog training are taught to him gently from the start.