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Cute cat retrieves like a dog

Cute cat retrieves like a dog

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How playful the cute kitten is! The velvet paw in the video is so happy when your mum throws her collar - and brings it back immediately. Her comrade, on the other hand, cannot understand the excitement.

Two cats that could not be more different: Kitty number one is totally active and is happy when mistress throws the collar with the ringing bell on it. Over and over again the pretty velvet paw retrieves it and waits for it to fly into the distance again. Just cute, how happy the cat is! In the end, Mistress hangs her collar - the beautiful velvet paw can't understand that ...

The second room tiger in the video sees the whole thing a little more relaxed. All the time, while the other kitty is retrieving her collar, he just looks irritated and is cleaning himself calmly. "What are you doing there, you fool?" He seems to ask ... A wonderful spectacle!

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