Let's go dog

Let's go dog

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Let's go dog." "All right, baby, let's do this." "Come on, baby, don't be that way." "Hey, we're gonna make you a star, baby." "We're gonna take you places you never been." "You understand?" "Yeah." "I think so." "You want us to put him out on his ass?" "No." "He's an addict, and he'll probably go back to selling his ass." "Don't you worry about that." "You're getting a big star." "And I love all you niggers." "Hey, wt." "I wanna thank you." "And I want you to be very, very careful." "I like you, man." "You're a cool-ass little nigger, man." "But I'll tell you something, you need to keep your head up, now, 'cause you don't want to be getting mixed up with the F.B.I." "All right, look, the last thing I wanna be is an Uncle Tom." "All right?" "You feel me?" "All right." "Yeah, I'm cool." "Okay." "You have a nice night, now." "I love you." "You too." "You want some food?" "I got good ribs." "You don't wanna eat?" "I'm good." "What you wanna talk about?" "Got a good story." "That's good." "I wanna hear it." "I been a narc for five years." "I n't never had a good story." "You need to write it down." "All right, you think you'll remember it?" "Yeah." "All right, you think you're gonna be okay?" "Okay." "Okay." "All right." "Here's the first part." "When I was about 12 years old, my Uncle got shot to death outside the liquor store down the way." "Yeah." "The guy that did it was standing right there laughing with his friends." "He seen him coming, but my Uncle didn't have no chance, man." "Then they all laughed and walked away." "I mean, if they was laughing, they wasn't that drunk, 'cause they would've never made that kind of mistake." "All right, you ready?" "Yeah." "You write, "My Uncle went to work one night."" "Make sure you got that part right." "My Uncle went to work one night." "He come back, all bloody." "He sd, "What happened?"" "Then he seen them standing over him, and his best friend, he had one of them." "A piece of one of them stuck in his eye." "I mean, it really hurt." "He really thought he was dead, man." "And then he got up, and he just started running, and he just kept running till he got away." "That's good." "Keep going." "They had to go out looking for him for a couple of days." "All the stuff they had on him, man." "They had his money, his gun, and all his paperwork." "He had it all on him." "I used to wonder, though, why they didn't shoot him." "Was he out of bullets, or what?" "It made me want to be a police officer." "To me, the police was..." "Police is what you want." "I don't know, maybe it was that he was trying to run and just made it to the liquor store, but..." "Anyway..." "Good job." "You did a good job." "Let's go." "Keep going, buddy." "I like your voice." "All right, that's enough." "That's good." "Let's get something to eat, okay?" "Yeah." "The whole place is locked down." "We'll get somebody over there later." "I hope so." "I'm going to have a talk with Frank about this stuff." "I'll go with you, you know." "I think I should be there." "I'll go with you." "I'll go right now." "Right now." "No, you won't." "You just want to get your hands on it." "That's why you keep trying to take it out of my house, but you don't do that." "You think I'd want to put it back in a place like this?" "You know, I'm sorry I called you a thief." "I'm sorry for the whole thing." "So how come you're really a thief?" "I'm sorry I lied." "Sorry." "It was a mistake." "Well, you know, you should be." "I'm going to go get something to eat." "I'll come back and check on you later." "I'll be fine." "You want to take a shower?" "No." "No, I don't." "Well, if you want to change, you can." "I think that's the doorbell." "We got a call." "We got a couple of kids locked in upstrs, they think." "All right." "Yeah, okay." "You're..." "You're sure you don't want to shower?" "Yes, I'm sure." "Thank you." "Hey, what are you doing?" "Oh, man, are you out of your mind?" "Let me go." "What is this?" "I'll tell you what." "When I get home, I'll take a shower, then I'll take a nap." "I'll take a shower." "I don't like this." "Hey, come on." "You know me." "I just got here." "You know how I am." "It's just the place is kind of crazy." "Right?" "Right." "Okay, then, let's go." "Where?" "Anywhere." "They locked us up." "Oh, come on." "This is stupid." "You know me." "I just got here." "Give me a second." "Hey, come on." "You know me." "I just got here." "Okay?" "Yeah, I know." "I know." "Just give me a second." "So do you think it was a bad idea for us to get married?" "I don't know." "I think it's too soon to say that." "All I know is I need to get to know you." "That's good, but I think you're the type of guy who'd need to know somebody for a long time before you decide if it's good for you to get married to somebody." "Yeah, that's true." "So where are we going?" "It's a surprise." "Come on." "Come on." "Come on." "This is crazy." "Where's the elevator?" "Elevator?" "I'm just kidding." "This is the elevator." "So that's how they do it in New York?" "I didn't get a chance to tell you." "I work in advertising." "Advertising." "Oh, my God." "Are you serious?" "Wow." "Good for you." "I can tell this is something that you love." "Well, you can say that, but what I do isn't always so easy." "What do you mean?" "Well, I have a bad temper sometimes, and..." "No." "No, no, no." "I mean, I couldn't imagine doing anything else." "I really enjoy it." "I love coming up with ideas, doing the creative, making things come to life." "So you do the work, and the guys who sell the ads just


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