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Chihuahua Lola loves her friends from the farm

Homeopathy Chihuahua Lola loves her friends from the farm The little Chihuahua puppy in the video is called Lola and lives with goats, cats, chickens and two other dogs on the Sunflower Farm in the USA. In the meantime Lola is a little bit bigger, but in the movie from last summer she is still very tiny.
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Surprise! Horse blows out birthday candles

Animal friendship surprise! Horse blows out birthday candles The horse JD surprises its owners in this video with a very special action. His owner and some other people bring him a birthday serenade and proudly present a cupcake with candles on it, a gift for the elegant animal.
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What Do Groomers Use to Get a Dog's Hair Really White?

When it comes to your favorite West Highland white terrier or bichon frise, keeping her white at home may be a challenge. The secret ingredient most groomers use to remove the yellowish tint your dog may display is actually blue.How Does Blue Make White?Bluing shampoos work by adding optical enhancers to the strands of hair.
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