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Do Dogs Need to Nest Before Going Into Labor?

Dogs are den animals by instinct. When your dog is preparing to give birth to a litter, she& 39;ll seek out a secluded space where she can nest and deliver the puppies in peace, a place to keep the puppies warm and dry in their early days. You can make her delivery easier by providing her with a nesting area, commonly known as a whelping box.
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Cat triggers police action during house cleaning

Funny cats Cat triggers police operation during house cleaning. The police were amazed when they came out in Eutin near Lübeck due to disturbance in the peace and found nothing more than a cat and a vacuum cleaner. Many cats have respect for the "vacuum cleaner monster" - Image: Shutterstock / Mr_Mrs_Marcha There is hardly a cat that is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
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